Worst Time, the Turning Point – Tip for new bloggers

Worst Time

Worst time is something never expected. Someone asked me to write about my worst time, where my worst time turned to be game changer for me. “Worst time” it defer in its extent for numerous people, to be a most annoying psychological factor in several conditions. To me, event resulting job fire, $100 a month was not that fascinating income to me. It was the only income source. Indeed, it was only source provided I ground to practice my innovativeness being a teacher.

My Worst Time of life

Dedicating my positive potential in, through various self-defined creative techniques to polish out the intellect among my students was the only esteemed thing, sticker me to teach in exchange of $100 investing 132 hours. It was not a job for some monetary desire, instead a satisfaction fulfilling my love to innovation. Furthermore the sudden decision of my fire by management committee was the most annoying thing. Besides, in my professional career, it was the biggest worst time. To me that was my ‘worst time’, I was like “it’s the end of my professional career”. In all honesty, i thought “I can’t continue it any more”. In fact all those dedications ended up with long sleepy days.


Worst time as a Turning point

Whatever happens, I consider it my first step to the success. Consequently, facing anxiety forced me to the next bank of river. Hence, it was the breakeven of my “worst time”. My passion towards innovation was now continued in a more meaningful way. My come back in the ring, fighting for more self-esteem was now controlled by blog writing. Indeed it utilized my innovative teaching methods and skills in a greater context. Thus, it was providing me a bigger platform with steadily increasing numbers of readers and beneficiaries.

Got a breakthrough after my worst time of life

That day with strong neural codes in my memory is the only non-forgettable day for me that introduced me with blogging world resulted in time wasting non casual web searches which I carried out in search of a new job, and finally I ended up with the decision of going to be a permanent writer. After going through that accidental targeted blog written by a Pakistani female blogger on motivational aspects of writing, my potential towards the profession just touched its peak and on the same day I slept after writing my first blog on a self-experimented innovation of a traditional recipe which I used to cook on every weekend.

1st mile stone after my worst time of life

I use to smile, whenever I think of my worst time. Yes I use to smile for that moment which used to be my worst time of life. Subsequently, that was my breakthrough for next level. Consequently, I was benefited in several terms. Respectively, i increased my intellect to a much newer stage after my worst time. Just right after six months since I started blogging unexpectedly my income through writing for different hubpages reached its 1st mile stone of six digit income in Pakistani rupee, as it is considered to be a huge success in blogging by amateurs to reach a six digit income I never followed this dream portray of having some serious “dead presidents”.

Your worst time can be the game changer.

My basic thrust

Doing a job or following a profession for monetary terms was never on my priority list. Indeed, my basic thrust was my passion for creativity and access to new knowledge.

Tip for new bloggers

1.     Don’t expect to write for monetary benefits

New bloggers mostly take blogging as an income source and that is why after not having required hits they use to quit. This is the biggest failure cause for newbies. They need to revise the rule that to earn sum big figure through blogging patience will be the first characteristic to gain assumed outcomes. To gain hits on a blog for generating revenue, one must first grow its audience.

2.    Growing audience through a technical tool-SEO

Eventually, organic traffic from search results is free. Sure, you’ve got to pay associate SEO specialist (or agency) to optimize your web site and a author like ME to supply you with content, however these prices area unit up-front. an excellent piece of content will drive search results over long periods of your time. Crazy tips

3.    Selecting a topic your reader searches for in Google

Your selection of topic must depends on preferences your user got, and for having deep insights regarding your users favorites Google provides bloggers and business sites owners with some analytical tools so that they can easily track their users privileges, and then plan their content according to what a potential readers seeks for.

4.    Following different famous blogs

Tracking your industry or area field’s scope, known as best practice prescribed by leading marketer. As per they if you don’t have proper knowledge about the industry you are competing inn, you better stay home instead of wasting your time running before the kite totally invisible to you. Same is for blogger as they also belong to a unique type of industry they are working in, and to know properly about what’s going on out there they must frequently visit “if not all” than some of the related blog communities or posts they are competing with. The best part of this is that it makes your content more unique.

5.    Going through blog’s comments having related keywords

The most common formula used by top rated blog writers to generate creative content is that they go through the comments section of blogs having same keywords as theirs, this contributes in making their content more user’s preferences friendly by looking in that what actually they require from writer to be addressed in future.

This hidden technique that most of new blog writer don’t know could be a turning point of their blogging carrier. Although it’s not such a hidden concept to build reader’s rich content.

“It’s a capital market man”.

“Nothing is for free here”.

“No free lunches”.

Subsequently it’s only about,


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