“How to Learn Something and Memorizing It For Ever In Easy Way”

Learning something is not difficult, but forgetting it is very painful, there are some technical tricks from which you can learn easily anything while memorizing it forever. For that you should know,

What is memory?

Types of memory.

How our brain works?

Why we forget anything which we have learned? (Retrieving process)

How we can save anything permanently for a long period of time in our mind? (Saving process)

These all questions arise in our mind but we don’t get any answer.

So, there are answers of your questions.


Memory is the most essential part in human mind. Memory can store, retain and recall information picked by our senses. Human memory that works a storage device for information is just like a computer’s information storage device “hard disk” meant to store its logical computing commands with different types of data in it. The major difference between computer hard disk and human’s memory is that computer got only 2 stages of memorizing (Permanently deleting) or (Permanently saving), which are completely opposite respective to human memory types, the “Sensory Memory”, “Short-term Memory” and “Long-term memory”. This lowers the human brain memorizing ability as compare to computer’s ones, because of the process which got a drawback of saving the data with multi-dimensional possibilities in which a human brain can save complete data as it was or due to some reasons most of the time it deletes some part from it, simultaneously the positive point of human memory is that it can’t permanently format all of the saved data till it’s alive. Both computer and human memory involves three processes “Encoding”, “Actual memory”, and “Retrieval”.


This process of memorizing the data holds its duty to transform the data into the type of data that a particular hard drive uses, for instance a computer drive saves data in bit or bytes form on the other hand human brain is only able to read or save data in form of neural codes.

Actual memory

The physical space where the encoded data will be kept to be used in any future time, “Hard disk” act as an actual memory place for computer and “Brain” works as physical place to store neural codes for humans.


Retrieving the data at any future time is the actual purpose for which we encode the information while keeping it at a defined physical space. This is the stage when the saved information is needed for any defined use for which it was kept at a certain assigned place.

Types of memory

Our brain have unlimited space to save anything but we don’t know how to use it for our benefits. There are three main parts in our 14269485_1392516670761845_777234739_nbrain.






The information gathered from all our senses, the shortest memory that will disappear within seconds. Whatever we see, hear, touch or smell is all apart of our sensory memory, the capacity of sensory memory is unlimited but it just remains there in our brain just for few seconds. The information that is necessary is transferred to the Short-term Memory and the rest is flushed out.



In this type of memory the data gained from sensory memory can kept save only for 7 minutes along with the limitations in its capacity of only 5-9 items. If information is revised with need of interest in it till 7 minutes, can be further transferred to long term memory with neural codes properly coded with an assigned space defined for them by STM, if not it just release the neural codes in a way that its not possible to retrieve them in proper means.



If we want to save anything for ever, that can easily obtain again at any future time. Whatever we have read, seen, touched, smelled or listened by our senses, among them all necessary information not more then 5-9 items repeated for at least 7 minutes will then become a part of our long term memory. Long-term memory can contain unlimited information up-to unlimited time, depends on the quality of neural codes assigned for the particular data.


How our brain works with different types of memory boxes

There is unlimited space in our brain on which we can save unlimited things in that. Now it depends on us that how much brain we are using in good thing and how much we use in bad activities?

There are cubes in our brain, whatever we are doing that is filled in our that space if we don’t use our brain in creativity so that whatever we are watching or listing is filled in that cubes automatically, because it simply won’t remains empty for the long period of time.

So, you must spend your time invaluable things.

Why we forget

Retrieving process

If an information that is saved in long-term memory, with the exact rule of transferring information from STM to LTM still some times we are not able to retrieve that information at any point in time, why is it so?

The answer is very simple, data is not encoded in neural form properly at the first time in correct space. There must be any distortion that disturbed the encoded process at the time it was having place, or it might occur from any overwritten neural codes on previous neural codes that results in old perspectives or information transformed in new information.

Some techniques to remember things for ever.

○Whatever you are reading or listing you should do elaborative interrogation on that, it will be very helpful to you to memories anything.

○When you elaborate information you must be able to explain it to yourself. When you are able to explain it, meanwhile you are concentrating on that thing.

○With high concentration you must summaries that. You must spend extra time on that topic so that it can acquire strong neural codes.

○After summarization you must highlight important points and make a keyword mnemonic of it, so that it will help you retrieve it any time with help of these highlights and keywords.

○Now 8 minutes are passed and things are gone in long-term memory, now you should reread it with some more deep interaction with it, it will help you with creating more visible neural code’s address, to retrieve it in moments without taking much time.

○You must take some practice tests of yourself, it will make you correct the wrongly coded information with the right one.

Conclusion could be made as, to memorize any thing worthy specially when you are preparing for any worth going exam, one must knows the process of memorizing.

Stay blessed!

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