Why we need Philosophy?

Before we start, you may ask, Is it really important for us to bother about complicated and complex questions of philosophy and science? In answer to this question, there are two possible replies. If we need to know about such things in order to go with our daily life, then answer is evidently “No”. But if we want to gain a rational understanding of our world in which we live in, then the matters seem quite different.
As a matter of fact, everyone has a philosophy of his own. To put it another way, philosophy is a way of thinking and looking at the world. We know how to distinguish right form wrong, good from bad. However, these are very complicated issues which bothered the great minds and occupied the attention of intellectuals throughout the history. Whereas, those who believe they do not have any philosophy are mistaken. Those who lack a systematically worked-out philosophical standpoint will unavoidably reflect the ideas and prejudices of the society in which they live. That means, that their minds will be full of the ideas they absorb from the newspapers, television, and classroom, which reflect the interests and morality of existing society.
Considering this, most people at some point of their life reconsiders the ideas and values in which the grew up. This is caused by some upheavals which compels them to look into their social life. The crisis of society make them question all those things which they took for granted. At this point, the ideas which seemed irrelevant becomes strikingly relevant. So, those who wish to understand life must occupy them with a thought at a higher level than the immediate thought of everyday life, that is, they must have a coherent philosophical standpoint. Only by this means we are able to take control of our destinies.
It is commonly understood that everything worth while in life requires an effort. In the same way, the study of philosophy, by its very nature, involves certain difficulties, as it deals with the issues far removed from the ordinary experiences. Even the terminology used in the study presents difficulties because the words are used in a way that does not necessarily equate to the common usage. But the same is true for any specialized subject, from psychology to mathematics.
In spite of this, philosophy no longer occupies the place it had long before, since the role of speculation about the nature of the world and the universe and life has long since been occupied by the modern sciences. The possession of mighty radio telescopes and spacecraft which renders guesses about the nature of our solar system unnecessary. Even the enigma of the human souls are being constantly laid bare by the progress of neurobiology and psychology.
In past, the development of science, had not reached a sufficiently high level to permit people to understand the world in which they lived. Therefore, in the absence of scientific knowledge, they relied upon the one instrument they possessed that could assist them to make sense of the world around, and thus gain power over it—the human mind.

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