3 Step to win a woman’s heart

 ”What today’s women want”

We have entered the enlightened era of human history, where the masses became well aware and well informed of the realities. The shell of suffocated traditional mindset has been unshelled and human managed to get out of their marginalized conditions, prospects evolved into more rational ones, information’s are at our disposal 24hrs and world transformed into a world where each person takes 100 percent responsibility of his/her own either success or failure. But this journey of enlightenment took several decades to prevail the world. It was not an overnight miracle. Now minds are filled with wisdom. Eyes widened and with a brilliant bright vision can look inside the matter so easily.

Feminist evolution

The world’s transformation into perfection is still on the way. With the change of time and world the status of woman also evolved. It was too chaotic in the beginning when her eyes were opening gradually to the realities and by knowing each right of her which was kept secret from her, she turned into a rebel that intensely shook the roots of traditions and caused a deep stir in a family system. But time passes. Today’s woman unlike the woman few decades back is quite stabilized in her reactions and actions. She proved herself in all fields of life. She can become a good leader, sentient politician, cautious manager, influential mentor, great artist and insightful writer.

Guideline for men to develop a successful relation

Are you in seek of tips to maintain healthy life time relations with a female?

Do you want to know the techniques to save your marriage?

When it comes to build a successful relationship with today’s women or to form a lifelong happy family, men often fails to do so. In fact this is an art to get along with a woman whether it is in form of mother, sister, daughter or wife. You can be successful in each relation with a woman if you follow few effective rules that are mentioned below;

Endorse her opinions

Always show great respect towards womankind, to her opinion and wishes, nothing has that much electrifying sharp impact on her feelings as respect can do. Overwhelmed with the sense of being special she can become a shield maiden to defend you in return. And she can never do anything against your wishes of her own accord. So the formula ‘give respect and get respect’ perfectly applies here. Respect, per se, encapsulates all other sentiments such as love, care, compassion etc.

Don’t make her feel, that you are undergoing through any sort of issue, whether if it’s the worst one

One thing is for sure that woman is more after the man of prestige and integrity than a wealthy one. How close and intimate relationship a man develops with a woman or whether he is a part of a close-knitted family he must not lose his integrity and exerts to keep intact his prestige. Asking for any sort of support such as economic or social, shows that you are a weak person and that is the element which badly lowers your image in her eyes-she might not speak out about it but she will definitely feel it and the seed of suspect gets planted in her heart. On the contrary if she got even the slightest idea that you are undergoing any sort of issue that you haven’t revealed to her, she would move heaven and earth to take you out of that situation. Therefore, be a giver not taker for this is the profitable transaction.

Be a “Mentor”, “Friend” and “Sideline colleague” to her, so that she can feel free to express everything

Empathy and understanding the moods of woman is another heart winning attempt on the part of man. It takes from you nothing if you randomly ask her if everything is alright or if there is anything she wants to share. Listen to her carefully, pay heed to all of her activities, make her feel being very special by giving her liberty to openly express her emotions, opinions and aggression. If she is doing any job try to help her out in critical matters, suggest her the best ways of coping with situations, she really needs your guidance in many cases but she might not express it.

Try out these tips if you want to live a happy and peaceful life.

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Najeeba Khan