Facebook Addiction Disorder ‘FAD’

Facebook Addiction Disorder

What are the basic symptoms of Facebook addiction disorder FAD?

“Facebook addiction disorder FAD”  is not a psychological term but if you check up Facebook when you wake up, go to sleep and even many times on your iPhone in between. You have no idea who 8 out of 10 people are on your friend list. Spend more time on Facebook than actual work. When you don’t feel like going out , instead Facebook becomes a filler so you can interact with others.

If you have all these symptoms than you probably have Facebook addiction disorder FAD. Ability to easily access it everywhere causes Facebook addiction, and distraction from problems or other important tasks in life. Its creepy when Facebook is used to watch others rather than live and enjoy life.

Facebook addiction disorder FAD, Facebook addiction contagion FAC, major contagion in Pakistan

Facebook users are over 1 billion around the world, in which 800790 users are Pakistani. This makes it the third largest country with Facebook addiction disorder FAD and Facebook addiction contagion. It was assumed that it will be the major battle cause of google vs Facebook vs amazon vs apple in 2013. It was created to bring  people closer but there are many other side effects of it, apart from FAD and FAC.

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Major risk caused by Facebook addiction disorder FDA

Risk of cancer, increases isolation and other health problems:

Facebook could raise risk of serious health problems by reducing face to face contact. “emailing people rather than meeting up with them have wide ranging effects “____ Dr Eric Sigman

He also stated a research that number of hours people spend speaking together, face to face had fallen dramatically since 1987 as the use of electronic media.

209 socially regulated genes have been identified, including ones involved in the immune system, cell proliferation and responses to stress. These genes acted differently according to how much social interaction a person had with others.

Increase isolation could alter the way genes work and upset immune responses, hormone levels and the function of arteries. It could also impair mental performance and enhances the risk of cancer.

There does seem to be a difference between ’in real presence ‘ and ’virtual variety’. Excessive use of internet and social sites contributes to weight gain and causes obesity. Electronic media was also undermining the ability of children and young people to learn vital social skills and read body languages. Its resulted in reduction of number of minutes per day that they interact with other human being.

Facebook or two faced book?

Two faced book, a reason for divorce:

According to a survey in U.K by divorce online, a legal service firm says, ’more than a third divorce filings last year contained the word Facebook.

And according to American academy of matrimonial lawyer, over 80% of US divorce attorney say they’ve seen a rise in the number of cases using word ‘social networking’.

Husband killed his wife for changing her marital status to single on Facebook. Twenty percent of people think it’s OK to change their status to single in order to create breakups (but in very public and humiliating ways as well).

“Office romances and out of town trysts can take months or even years to develop. But affairs happen at a lightning speed on Facebook. It puts temptations in the path of people who would never in a million years risk having an affair” (K.Jason krafsky the author of ‘Facebook and your marriage’)

Facebook or Fakebook?

Facebook has been ruining relationships since 2004. Judging people by their appearances and info might not be an accurate perception of who the person is. Your perception is limited to what info the user provides on Facebook and can hide behind words.

Lists filled with hundreds of words but no one to talk to on daily basis. It provides you the unfortunate ability to keep up with people you barely know. Some friends are made to boast your friend counter than to establish long lasting relations.

Facebook is used purposely to present a certain image or brand. Some may look interesting and likeable but in life they are mean and nasty. You wouldn’t want to be friends with them if you knew their personality. Appearances can be deceiving. It’s almost an opportunity to create an alter persona of yourself to impress others.

“ People are least when they are in themselves. Give them a mask and they will show you what they are” Oscar wilde.  Facebook is a self designed mask which people wear to fake themselves. And become the personality which they wanted themselves to be, not who they actually are.

Facebook addiction disorder FDA, a threat to teenage:

In the world today, there are more teens but no teenage. Facebook was invented to stay connected with people all the time but it turned out differently and is fleeting. It contributes to sadness and depression in teens after having basic symptoms of Facebook addiction disorder FAD in them.

Teenage girls who are active users of Facebook are more likely to suffer from depression and low self-esteem. “Excessive social media use, lower self esteem and sense of identity and higher depression” ( prof Marika Tiggemann)

Recent research shows that websites with content related to cosmetics and beauty products were feature by teen girls most frequently.

The total number of Facebook friends they have can also be a big risk factor for depression. The problem is they spend all this time on her presence on Facebook and not nurturing strong relationships because Facebook prioritizes acquaintances.

Facebook addiction disorder FDA, within children

Children also use some social networking terminologies like POS(parent over shoulder), P911, CD9, AITR(adult in the room) 5 or 55 which parents must be aware of. The more parents add them on Facebook, more likely is by children to adopt such lingo.

Mark Zuckerberg says: “Facebook minimum age limit should be removed” but even than 7.5 million users in the past year were younger than 13.

Teens today are depressed and are deficient in natural charisma only because of their Facebook addiction disorder FDA.

Studies show that young people are more comfortable sharing their personal lives online. In contrast, old people are less prone to share themselves, preferring to hold back personal information. Some studies have estimated that about 32 percent of teens on web have faced harassment in some form.

Facebook or stress book

Stress book causes sadness and depression:

Apparently Stress book is your little private space where you can text your friends or anyone, scribble what’s on your mind, share your every personal thing and do whatever silly stuff you wanna do in stress book.

P.S: which the whole world is going to see.

Facebook is reminiscent of your past. It’s not always smart enough to write what you feel to the whole world specially the bad memories. Rather than writing all kinds of messages on Facebook, may be you should consult a therapist.

The new Facebook timeline keep records of bad memories and reminds you of things you posted in past which you should have kept private and not for the world to comment on and critique.

Facebook is great for talking but it’s difficult people to take events. Because Facebook ‘invites’ are impersonal and sounds cold hearted. Excessive use of facebook may lead to sleep disorders as well, a part from Facebook addiction disorder FAD.

Everyone wants their videos, articles, photos and other uploads to go viral. It’s depressing to seek out the approval of others all the time by trying to get them to ‘like’ or ‘share’ your stuff.

This celebrity culture builds people up to standards, brands, products that is great, but are hard to continuously meet. The greed for fame grows and leads to low self-confidence. Facebook is coping mechanism, and can be rigorous for those who don’t like competing.

Facebook grant you the ability to highlight your success and rewards. Your display of achievements might make others feel inferior or limited in life. Worst thing in life is to compare yourself to others but facebook gives a great virtual chance to measure what level you stand.

A place where people are not actually helping but are concerned, this might make you feel lonely and sad. Moreover, you are being judged and also held accountable for the posts.

Fab-book’ a project of CIA:

Facebook is a brilliant datamining plan of CIA. This is not my theory or a hunch. Subsequently, CIA supported the facebook for it’s ongoing operational costs to run the project. Do you think these people under DARPA and CIA working under this project and they just happen to throw a college kid 500,000 + million dollars because they liked his passion? LOL! That’s why Breyer and Peter Thiel’s investment was never mentioned in the movie ’social network’ which was not about entertainment but the propaganda to fortify the facebook lie.

(DARPA) invented the internet , CIA, Facebook, NSA and google to track our every thought, sucking data out of people’s minds. There have been made controversial changes on Facebook since Nov 2007. Facebook runs facial recognition on all photos and can ID you even if you are tagged in ONE photo.

They wouldn’t come and investigate door to door, you will provide every information to them by yourself. Many people are arrested every year because of the kind of things they post. The police solves crimes by looking at Facebook profiles. It extracts info like what people are doing? Where they are going? What kind of books, movies, airlines they like? their educational transcripts, which sites they surf, what makes them angry? About family friends and much more!!!

This is indeed an insidious agenda of the new world order.

More often, most of us suffer from Facebook addiction disorder FAD. Indeed there are some facts indorsed by researchers that most of us don’t even feel that they are stucked in Facebook addiction disorder FAD .

Simply don’t let this entertainment get over your head and ruin your life with Facebook addiction disorder FAD.

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