Suicide contagion in Pakistan, suicide note, teenage suicide rate and worldwide suicide contagion statistics

Suicide contagion in Pakistan, suicide note, teenage suicide rate, suicide contagion statistics, worldwide suicideWorldwide suicide contagion definition, suicide ideation, copycat suicide top of list contagion in Pakistan and suicide note

At last I got the platform to impart an important message regarding diabolical, evil phenomenon, worldwide suicide contagion that is penetrating in our society sotto voce.  This article will discuss about following viral topics regarding suicide. Worldwide suicide contagion definition, suicide ideation, copycat suicide top of list contagion in Pakistan and suicide note.

Suicide contagion definition

Suicide contagion definition in its simplest form is. A suicide contagion is outlined by the federal agency as “a cluster of suicides or suicide tries, or both, that occur nearer along in time and house than would usually be expected in an exceedingly given community.” one “Suicide contagion” or “copycat suicide” is that the behavior that ends up in clusters of suicides.

Worldwide suicide contagion, suicide note, suicide ideation and copycat suicide top of list contagion in Pakistan

Suicide ideation

I came across a silly teenage girl name Amine, raised in a marginalized, poverty-stricken family, with a gleam of hope in her eyes, asserted, ”what if I commit suicide leaving behind a suicide note wherein I mention all deprivations faced by me and my family that caused me to do so?” She further added, ‘‘I think this suicide note would heighten my prestige”.

Suicide note

I was badly taken aback at such suicide ideation of her and I perturbed to ask what made her think that way to get suicide….? She disclosed how much she was inspired by extolling of a domestic Pakistani schoolgirl who committed suicide leaving a suicide note for not being allowed to appear in her matriculation examination, and that suicide note and suicide ideation was much discussed on media.

Copycat suicide top of list contagion in Pakistan

However, suicide ideation earned a good name in Pakistani media. Many places were named after her. That act of suicide leaving a suicide note was also held in highly regards as an emblem of bravery. Subsequently she is now being called even a martyr. Hence, suicide hallowed by simply calling it martyrdom.

Furthermore, different researches results as copycat suicide top of list contagion in Pakistan. Secondly studies had shown that suicide contagion in schools is one of increasing top of list contagion in Pakistan. Indeed one suicide leads in clusters of suicides with suicide note.

Copycat suicide, suicide ideation and logic behind worldwide suicide contagion

Increasing teenage suicide ideation in Pakistan describes that copycat suicide committers were already highly vulnerable; however subject matter around another copycat suicide seems to create a distinction as they’re considering their choices. The proof suggests that suicide “bursts” and “copycat suicide groups” square measure real occurrences; one suicide will result in increasing worldwide suicide contagion effect. Commonly there’s a very robust impact on worldwide suicide contagion from celebrity suicides.

Factors behind worldwide suicide contagion

Suicide contagion doesn’t categorize. People of all genders, ages, and backgrounds will be in danger of committing suicide followed by a suicide note. Dangerous behavior is difficult and there’s no single cause of suicide contagion in Pakistan. In fact, many other factors contribute to somebody writing a suicide note. However people full in danger are likely to share sure features.

Furthermost threat reasons for suicide ideation:

  1. · Hopelessness, unusual emotional illnesses, or waste chaos
  2. · Certain medical disorders leaked from past incidents
  3. · Suicide ideation in past from some closed or known one, that might provide a way out from any situation
  4. · Family history of a disturbance occurred from a certain incident
  5. · Violence, together with physical or sex crime increases suicide contagion in schools
  6. · Job fire or unemployment claims increase in teenage suicide ideation
  7. · Any unsuccessful event endorses top of list contagion in Pakistan


Suicide contagion in schools and copycat suicide top of list contagion in Pakistan

I was worried at the imagination of minatory effects and impact of this toxic mental trend of youth going for back to back copycat suicide. I got sensitivities regarding virility of suicide contagion in Pakistan. Before it’s too late some measures has to be taken to destroy suicide ideation from its root. All I did was to procrastinate, all my tasks for another day and wrote a column specifying teenage suicide rate.

Suicide contagion in schools

Article featuring suicide contagion in schools was meant to draw attention of the masses towards increasing teenage suicide rate. Ultimately I intended that they may get clear picture themselves by the dint of publishing it in a newspaper. But hey, it was not appreciated nor considered worth publishing. And this cri-de-Coeur left unheard.

My sensitivity regarding suicide contagion in Pakistan with increasing suicide contagion in schools was utterly not false. Within a matter of few weeks another incident of suicide in school took place. As usual that suicide contagion in schools was also not considered a loss. The monster of suicide contagion in Pakistan consumed many adults and teens up till now. If we make a list of this year’s suicide incidents in Pakistan, teenage suicide rate will be leading it. Majority is of teenagers inclined towards this attempt even name of a female cricketer also appears among the list of suicide contagion statistics.

Suicide contagion effect

After each sixteen minutes one individual die not just from a disease or associate accident however designedly through suicide. Today, suicide is prevailing in concert of the common problems and one can’t deny it as a social and communicable anomaly. It’s a choice which a private chooses once looking miserable events of life. This anomaly is within the desperate want of cure however one can’t cure it till knowing its etiology and its impact on society.

How worldwide suicide contagion effect may be prevented?

  • Avoid covering worldwide suicide contagion effect
  • Prevent glorifying persons who commit suicide
  • Stop discussing suicide stories with teenagers to lessen suicide contagion in schools
  • Proclaiming suicide an illegal and immoral act
  • Proclaiming stories of hardships that leaded to an abnormal success

Generally, there is a worldwide suicide contagion effect inclination but the incitement by societies is devastatingly inhuman and a form of force suicide owing to abetting youth to adopt suicide ideation. It’s sheer exploitation of their tender age. Among all reasons that incite people to do suicide i.e. domestic violence, depression and bipolar disorder suicide contagion in schools is on top of list contagion in Pakistan. Worldwide suicide contagion encouragement by authorities is really horrible and contemptible one.

Suicide contagion proclaiming is top-of-list suicide ideation in Pakistan

Proclaiming suicide contagion, suicide ideation, suicide contagion in schools

Overall, we bear witness to worldwide suicide contagion avoidance and suicide prevention campaigns. Subsequently motto merely is to help teen and adults having suicide ideation-by offering suicide helpline/suicide hotline 24/7. Indeed, proclaiming suicide contagion an illegal and immoral act is also to lessen suicide and suicide contagion statistics. Finally, we got some ringleaders who encourage people; suffering from depression and bipolar disorder: calling suicide a heroic act.

I wonder, what if such suicide ideation of proclaiming suicide contagion in Pakistan, as suicide a heroic act. Is this a hidden deliberate policy of state to control its rapidly increasing population rate by not making a policy to reduce suicide attempts? Or they don’t even bother to know the causes of increasing suicide ideation or maybe, it’s just a form of ignorance for lessen suicide rate, that even not pointed out by those educated parents and guardians who have kids of sensitive age they may become a prey to suicide contagion, prone to easily embrace the evils of present time.

Furthermore, measures must be taken regarding suicide contagion in Pakistan. Indeed monetarizing the state’s code of conduct for reporting suicide stories, to abate the impact of rising worldwide suicide contagion. It’s the duty of each citizen of this world to raise their voice against such provoking attitude. We have to encourage one another to commit good deeds to lessen down increasing rate for worldwide suicide contagion.

Lastly, the question to fight suicide contagion in Pakistan is who has to be the role model for youth? The contenders who underwent hardships of life but remained determined until they achieved their due position in society. They never thought of committing suicide, they endured the pain of living keeping the thought of suicide in backseat at the end they were victorious, or those who couldn’t take the pain and put an end to their lives by committing suicide.

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3 Step to win a woman’s heart

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We have entered the enlightened era of human history, where the masses became well aware and well informed of the realities. The shell of suffocated traditional mindset has been unshelled and human managed to get out of their marginalized conditions, prospects evolved into more rational ones, information’s are at our disposal 24hrs and world transformed into a world where each person takes 100 percent responsibility of his/her own either success or failure. But this journey of enlightenment took several decades to prevail the world. It was not an overnight miracle. Now minds are filled with wisdom. Eyes widened and with a brilliant bright vision can look inside the matter so easily.

Feminist evolution

The world’s transformation into perfection is still on the way. With the change of time and world the status of woman also evolved. It was too chaotic in the beginning when her eyes were opening gradually to the realities and by knowing each right of her which was kept secret from her, she turned into a rebel that intensely shook the roots of traditions and caused a deep stir in a family system. But time passes. Today’s woman unlike the woman few decades back is quite stabilized in her reactions and actions. She proved herself in all fields of life. She can become a good leader, sentient politician, cautious manager, influential mentor, great artist and insightful writer.

Guideline for men to develop a successful relation

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Do you want to know the techniques to save your marriage?

When it comes to build a successful relationship with today’s women or to form a lifelong happy family, men often fails to do so. In fact this is an art to get along with a woman whether it is in form of mother, sister, daughter or wife. You can be successful in each relation with a woman if you follow few effective rules that are mentioned below;

Endorse her opinions

Always show great respect towards womankind, to her opinion and wishes, nothing has that much electrifying sharp impact on her feelings as respect can do. Overwhelmed with the sense of being special she can become a shield maiden to defend you in return. And she can never do anything against your wishes of her own accord. So the formula ‘give respect and get respect’ perfectly applies here. Respect, per se, encapsulates all other sentiments such as love, care, compassion etc.

Don’t make her feel, that you are undergoing through any sort of issue, whether if it’s the worst one

One thing is for sure that woman is more after the man of prestige and integrity than a wealthy one. How close and intimate relationship a man develops with a woman or whether he is a part of a close-knitted family he must not lose his integrity and exerts to keep intact his prestige. Asking for any sort of support such as economic or social, shows that you are a weak person and that is the element which badly lowers your image in her eyes-she might not speak out about it but she will definitely feel it and the seed of suspect gets planted in her heart. On the contrary if she got even the slightest idea that you are undergoing any sort of issue that you haven’t revealed to her, she would move heaven and earth to take you out of that situation. Therefore, be a giver not taker for this is the profitable transaction.

Be a “Mentor”, “Friend” and “Sideline colleague” to her, so that she can feel free to express everything

Empathy and understanding the moods of woman is another heart winning attempt on the part of man. It takes from you nothing if you randomly ask her if everything is alright or if there is anything she wants to share. Listen to her carefully, pay heed to all of her activities, make her feel being very special by giving her liberty to openly express her emotions, opinions and aggression. If she is doing any job try to help her out in critical matters, suggest her the best ways of coping with situations, she really needs your guidance in many cases but she might not express it.

Try out these tips if you want to live a happy and peaceful life.

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Najeeba Khan