Minder as worst bad minder, today

Minder, today. 7.4 billion People are living in this world right now. My question is that, Though 7.4 billion people are living here but why aren’t 7.4 billion minds used?. Why we don’t know our bad minder inside us?. Are people so lazy to use their minds. Or if there is a group of people who have control over those minds.

Minder and its bad minder drivers of new generation

This new generation has proved that they are not interested in what God says. Instead they are happy to go where the world is leading them. Secondly new generation approaching bad side is, because they got too much positive things to go for.

Minder with it’s worst practices resulting selfish society

We are living in a selfish society, in fact we were selfish from birth, from since the human took birth. More often minder at it’s worst case resulting selfish society. When we were young our parents wants us to spend time with indeed we are busy in our own life. Subsequently when we are old we want our children to spend time with us. Indeed they are too busy in living their own life. We think we are modern and being modern is cool. Leaving old parents in old houses, brothers, sisters and parents living separately, doing parties, dating girls. If these are the acts of modernization then I don’t want to be modern. This all occur due to that bad minder inside us.

Minder as bad minder contributing in division of world

Nations, religions, families and individuals has divided the world. The people of nation work for their own greed. The bad minder who represents religions work for their own greed. Families and individuals work for their own greed in division of world. This makes all of them selfish. Now selfishness is not a positive word but wherever selfishness comes there we must understand that this means destruction. Nations destroyed because the king was selfish. If a priest (religious scholar) is bad minder then people would be misled which would lead them to destruction.

Minder as bad minder, practices for acquiring trends

Now if a famous celebrity is wearing something people would love to go buy that thing and wear it. Now this is where we stop using our minds, are they really smarter than us?. Who are they choosing for us what to wear?. I would love to wear what I think is best for me and I don’t have to follow someone for that. Most of the time we are totally following the wrong things. Surprisingly, the history taught in schools is not true at all. Still we are fooled and we keep those things in our mind all our life.

We get angry on people who make fun of us, but still all our life we make fun of others. Once people laughed on Muslims with beard and now it’s a trending fashion. We see things we observe things the way it is shown to us and still we do not use our minds.

“How to Learn Something and Memorizing It For Ever In Easy Way” “The soul worships God, The body worships greed, The soul lies in heaven, While the body always bleed.” Neymat Khan