Mr. Neighbor (India) stop continuously poking your nose in CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor), 6th September Pakistan Defence day is here again

6th September Pakistan Defence day

National holiday of Pakistan known as youm-e-difa, 6th September Pakistan Defence day is here again. Youm-e-difa celebrated to solemnize the successful defense of Pakistan against India in 1965 war on 6th September Pakistan Defence day. On 6th September Pakistan Defence day, Pakistan celebrates this memorable day with Parade, Aircraft, Military exhibitions, Speeches, Military programs and with flag hoisting.

History of 6th September Pakistan Defence day

The war begins with the partition of India and Pakistan. Perpetually, the conflict relates to Kashmir and the war known as second Kashmir war. The first Kashmir war was in 1947 on dispute of Kashmir between India and Pakistan. The Indian army was launched across border in Pakistan with no deceleration of war on 6th September Pakistan Defence day. They entered in Pakistan by violating all the laws of UN charter. When they face a loss of respect by Pak-army they decide to pursue a back off strategy to their barracks.

Furthermore after one day on 8th September they again entered to Sialkot region of Pakistan. UN declared war started by Indian forces, but again Pakistan’s armed forces defence was outstanding. They fought for their mother land with good tactics and strategies the Indian army entered to 400 square miles but Pakistan entered 1600 square miles in a same time.

USSR peace agreement Tashkent

Alaas!what a bravery attempt was that to fight with enemies on 6th September Pakistan Defence day. The war ended with signing the USSR peace agreement at Tashkent. After signing the USSR agreement for 6th September Pakistan Defence day story is still continuous. Indian forces are still working against Pakistan ghostly. Now coming on another aspect of 6th September Pakistan Defence day, it must be raised. 34 years back Pakistan fought bravely with India but now they are still poking their nose in Pakistan matters. Let me raise a question will you allow any outsider to interfere in your domestic problems? Will India allow anyone to solve their territory issues?. NO India will not allow anyone so why are you tolerating mischievous act of neighbor country.

UN rules clearly known worldwide

The India has forgotten the UN rules clearly known worldwide but let me remind you Mr. Neighbor the highlighted points of agreements; they are

1:- chapter 1 of UN is promoting international peace and humanity.

2:- chapter Xll elaborates the international law boundaries to punish accurately the culprits.

3:- Security Council is made to control and interrogate disputes that also authorize to economic development, military force to resolve the disputes. 4:- the UN charter has established the court of justice to keep up the environmental peace there will be no acceptance of any violation and those who tried to violate would have to pay high penalties. Following are the rules of UN charter.

United Nation charter

The United Nation charter divided the Kashmir in 2 half boundaries the Indian territory makbuza Kashmir and the Pakistan’s territory Jammu and Azaad Kashmir both countries has signed the Karachi agreement that not to get involved in others sovereignty but our beloved neighbor not getting it in their small mind that does that mean and continuously India is being getting involved in terrorist attack against Pakistan.

Mr. Neighbor (India) stop continuously poking your nose in CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor)

There are many records off data against India, (NKW) Non Kinetic War that is the media war against Pakistan, the RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) that has accepted the territory attacks in Pakistan, India is continuously poking his nose in CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) to spoil the trade and economic functions of Pakistan and there are several other records of territory attacks of India in Pakistan that is enough to prove you culprit. Please Mr. neighbor stay out of our territory issues and let me remind another thing that there is another Youm-e-Difa and Pakistan army is enough strong to beat you again and our single war will be enough to take revenge of all the activities you did in Pakistan in future you will be giving us another chance to celebrate 6th September with a pride.

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Sadaf pervaiz

Religion and Society: A Critical Perspective

Religion and society

Two dimensional thoughts within religion and society

We know that “Change is the only constant” and life is a process of endless progress. We human beings cannot resist it. When life goes through a process of change it also changes the observations, behaviors, opinions and human needs. With the passage of time society achieve new heights. It reaches a point where religion no more justifies its needs which creates a gap between religion and society. Therefore, two dimensional thoughts and movements occur within religion, “The Modernists” and “The Revivalists” defining Religion and society.

Why we need Philosophy?


The Modernists believe that religion should accept change combining religion and society moving parallel with modern science and technology. When traditional explanation is invalid and religion is feared to disappear in the changing environment, a new understanding is done. The teachings of religion are seen in a new measurement to survive in a changing world. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was a Modernist thinker; Aligarh movement was a Modernist movement on viewpoint of religion and society.

Fundamentalists or Revivalists

Fundamentalists believe that society should go back to its roots and follow the religion in its pure form. They believe that all the solutions of the problems lie in belief. Any change in the nature of religion is considered sinful and new explanations are believed to be against the religion. This thought doesn’t accept the change and with the passage of time they go into separation because of changing environment. Gap between the mainstream society and the revivalists separated religion from society. Historically Deobandi movement was a Revivalist movement which rejected the change and stuck to its roots. Still it is one of the major sects in Islam with millions of followers across the world.

Societal effects

Today, especially the Islamic fundamentalist movements have become stronger than ever. Consequently these movements occur due to two reasons, firstly, the unfriendly attitude of West towards the Muslim world. With such environment there is a sense of insecurity and people take shelter in religion for their defense. Secondly, the bad governance of non spiritual governments in Muslim world was the cause. They were unable to provide assistance to their people. Hence shifted the focus of population towards the Fundamentalist ideas where they try to find the solutions to their problems.

Furthermore, in an ideological State, the ruling class of a country uses religion for their political interests. Indeed they purchase it for the protection of their rules. On the other hand, the people, after not finding the therapy of their dispossession take shelter in religion. Religion simply gives them the power of toleration. Forget your hardships in the world and wait for the reward in afterlife. Religion and society is separated here. In a result, the religion is used in both cases but the solution to the problem is still missing.

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Ameer Ayaz

Feminism: Women From Past into the Future

What is Feminism?

Feminism illustrates, group of activities by individuals or group of peoples in effect of women facing social discreminites. Consequently, such activities develops political and economical campaigns to provide justice to the female in effect of social injustice.

What is Modern feminism

Modern feminism, is the rebuild form of feminism that was practiced in past before 19th century. Secondly, theorists categorized Modern feminism in three ” waves”. Defining modern feminism illustrates three “waves” of feminism. Consequently, three “waves” of feminism are “The first wave of feminism”, “The second wave of feminism” and “The third wave of feminism.

How western women rebelled?

modern feminism



Historically, the society has gone through many stages of development in which the position of women went up and down. It is a fact that oppression frustrate the masses which leads to rebellion. same is the case with the western women who rebelled against the oppressive patriarchal structure and occupied the streets starting the feminist movement.

Feminists from past

Feminism: In past decades there have been huge changes for women in almost every field. Today’s women are far more independent than their predecessors. They are doing jobs that used to be done by men which their grandmothers and even mothers never dreamed of. Women making half of world’s population are playing a huge role in economic growth, according to a report, in 2011, women made half of the workforce in US and there are high profile women executives. However, more women are working but they are still paid less than men, solely due to the patriarchal structure of the society.

Modern feminism

The modern feminism history is divided into three “waves”. The first wave of feminism started in 19th century and went into early 20th century. Not to mention that, it’s focus was on legal inequalities. The second wave of feminism (1920-1980) brought cultural inequalities, gender norms and women’s role in society. Third wave of feminism (1990s-2000s) was the continuation of the second wave and a response to its failures.

In fact, The world is changing very rapidly but it is still far from achieving gender equality along with . In this Patriarchal society working women had to face many difficulties on daily basis. Although, the misery of woman is a fact, the modern feminism is changing the trends and breaking the age old traditional bondage. This new trend is helping society in different ways. The women are becoming socially, politically and economically independent and are contributing in the economic growth of the countries.

In addition to this, not mentioning the contemporary powerful and influential women would be unfair. Some are running huge corporations, organizations, and few, the entire countries. Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor got several awards including Charlemagne prize and Presidential Medal of Freedom . Prime Minister of United Kingdom,Theresa May has joined the office in very critical time the country faces after the Brexit. Hillary Clinton was known as best feminist presidential candidate for United states of america.

Feminism today

Seeing that, Feminists are gaining more confidence and are engaging themselves in affairs of the world and it has led to an increased sense of self-esteem. Modern feminism activists are aware of their values and roles they can play in male-dominant society for achieving success. The path is not the easy but slowly and gradually women are moving towards freedom in context of women empowerment.