“Silent Sacrifice feast” Eid ul Adha 2016 in Quetta, “Our graves are still wet, we just had our sacrifice”. Spokes man “Kasi Tribe”

It was 8th August 2016 when Balochistan bar association advocate Bilal Anwar Kasi got killed by unknown bikers on his way, the entire group of lawyers of Quetta gathered for protest at civil hospital where advocate Bilal Anwar Kasi were placed for last medication and stitches but the hard hearted people who have involvement in Pakistan’s policy they attacked once again and 70+ lawyers got killed in the blast that was exploited in civil hospital out side the causality word.
The politicians and people expressed their condolence for the act and TTP tehreek-i-taliban, jamaat ul ahrar (JUA) claimed for the responsibility of attacks on both ( advocate Bilal anwar Kasi and for blast)
That all was the news outside the home of myrtles but what about the situation inside the myrtles home? its sacrifice feast 2016 Tomorrow and every one is busy to have there own family arrangements for sacrifice feast wishes, but to whom the child of myrtle consult for wishes. There was almost 8+ layers were belongs to “Kasi tribe (pashtoons)”. Most of them were youngsters and struggling for the good future of families, having little children’s ages from 1-10, how they survive and how they manage the circumstances without family head, there is no one to help them there is no one to arrange happiness of sacrifice feast 2016 for the children.
The tragedy did not only affects the lawyers families but is also affects the surroundings of beloved ones, the “Kasi Tribe” is not willing to celebrate the sacrifice feast wishes because they sacrifices their loved ones on 8th August and now they have nothing to sacrifice on Eid day, yes we Pashtuns have sacrificed our precious ones to Allah, to this country and now we all have nothing to sacrifice.
The children’s of myrtles are still waiting for their fathers to reach home with sacrificing animal along with their sacrifice feast wishes, waiting for father to reach home with new clothes and with new sandals, waiting for father to reach home so they can make plans for their sacrifice feast holiday, a 3 years child will never get satisfaction on simple words that his father is no more to celebrate such a special day of sacrifice feast with them.
A baby girl of 6 months of myrtle only knows the love and affection of father she does not have any concern with new frock and with new sandals, how she will celebrate the day without love and affection of her father, a mother is waiting for his son to have brief planning for the 3 days of sacrifice feast, a planning of budget, she is waiting for a dress, she is waiting, waiting for happiness to reach home with his son, the tears in her eyes are waiting to be clean off with hands of her son, will we ever able to get back her son to her home, will we ever take place of her child, will we ever take care of her family as her son did?
We can’t, we will never be able to attain such respect and honor because we all are happy with family and friends, we have our new dresses, we have our sacrificing animals, we have father who is looking after for our each desire on this eid but did we try to make arrangements for those who have lost their loved ones in the honor of our country? the myrtles of pakistan, the myrtles of balochistan, the sons of brave mothers, the fathers of honorable children’s, how much precious this soil is that contained blood of such a daring tribe,
We know we are daring, because we are Pashtuns but it’s not easy to accept this reality that we have lost our beloved ones, we can’t be happy so soon