Top Ten principles for increasing women empowerment

10 principles that will increase women empowerment in our society

Top Ten principles to consider if a society wants to increase women empowerment

How to increase women empowerment

To increase women empowerment, first a society have to clear it’s concept that what exactly women empowerment is? and what is feminism? As an illustration the term women empowerment relates to a state of women’s certain status in society. Eventually, the status contributes in women’s need for exact equal priority, power and limits that men got in a society. Ultimately, women empowerment demands for a societal parameter that underlies equal weightage of women and men in a particular society. For instance, feminism supports equality among women and men in overall context of world’s human philosophy. Altogether in aforementioned culture women will get the same salary, supremacy, precedence, and all such relative variables equal with men. In conclusion, equality at micro level among men and women is generalized concept of women empowerment. (Zulkif)

Top ten tips to increase women empowerment

1. What women empowerment basically means

Women empowerment basically means to make women more stable in society. Meanwhile making women stable would increase women empowerment.

2. Why society needs to empower its women?

As an illustration system of Women empowerment actually brings women to know their importance as decision makers. Subsequently, Women’s must take their own decisions regarding their life and career if a society needs to increase women empowerment.

3. What empowered women will produce?

Empowered women will more likely produce leaders, teachers, doctors, politicians and rulers. She better knows and understands this world; moreover trusting them would increase women empowerment.

4. How women can modify a society?

To modify a society in a positive manner, make it sure that your women is empower. In growing economies, society’s basic thrust is to increase women empowerment. She grows a child, simultaneously; she can grow a society too. Not to mention here, women is the most important variable for emerging economies.

5. Women under domestic violence

Identically, in some specific societies women are living under domestic violence, they use to kill women on honor basis. Particularly, such societies need a change in their law enforcement strategies to increase women empowerment.

6. Top of list country for empowering its women

Iceland the examples of women empowerment where in 1975 women came out on streets for equal salaries. In general, they got first female president within 5 years of their independence which takes essential part to increase women empowerment.

7. Who tends to fight more for women’s rights?

Important to realize, only Women can fight for women’s rights. Subsequently, educating women would enhance the society’s literacy rate ratio to increase women empowerment.

8. How to increase women’s self esteem

Although this may be true, that one can give her a house but it’s she who converts it in home. By all means, providing her such opportunities in which she can practice her hobbies will increase her self-esteem. Additionally, more the percentage of esteemed women rises will surely increase women empowerment opportunities in a region.

9. Women is not an individual who only sets a home

Important to realize, if you consider it just as an individual who sets a home so you are wrong. Instantly she is the one who gives dynasties, who makes societies, cares, who reaches there whenever you need her. So never underestimate the power of women and always contribute for feminism or to increase women empowerment.

10. What is the role of privatization to enhance women empowerment

Privatization generates more jobs within a community which plays important role to increase women empowerment. Particularly, privatization holds its contribution to increase women empowerment in different low level economies as well in emerging economies.

The private sector is a key partner in efforts to advance gender equality and empower women. The Women’s Empowerment Principles written by different contributors of UN women to increase women empowerment. Moreover, to increase women empowerment Women’s empowerment Principles offer practical guidance to business and the private sector on how to empower women in the workplace, marketplace and community.

UN Women and the United Nations Global Compact, partnered to develop the women’s empowerment principles. The Principles are developed to support legal entities in reviewing current policies and practices while establishing new ones to increase women empowerment. Moreover, the given term Equality Means Business. Subsequently, the developed Principles endorses the business case for legal corporate entities to increase gender equality and women’s empowerment. Eventually, business cases to increase women empowerment are informed by real-life business practices that are gathered across the globe. Apparently, these principles reflects the interests of governments and civil society and serve to support interactions among stakeholders. Not to mention, gender equality needs the participation and involvement of all actors and entities at all levels. Source. Women’s Empowerment Principles

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