Why we need Philosophy?

Before we start, you may ask, Is it really important for us to bother about complicated and complex questions of philosophy and science? In answer to this question, there are two possible replies. If we need to know about such things in order to go with our daily life, then answer is evidently “No”. But if we want to gain a rational understanding of our world in which we live in, then the matters seem quite different.
As a matter of fact, everyone has a philosophy of his own. To put it another way, philosophy is a way of thinking and looking at the world. We know how to distinguish right form wrong, good from bad. However, these are very complicated issues which bothered the great minds and occupied the attention of intellectuals throughout the history. Whereas, those who believe they do not have any philosophy are mistaken. Those who lack a systematically worked-out philosophical standpoint will unavoidably reflect the ideas and prejudices of the society in which they live. That means, that their minds will be full of the ideas they absorb from the newspapers, television, and classroom, which reflect the interests and morality of existing society.
Considering this, most people at some point of their life reconsiders the ideas and values in which the grew up. This is caused by some upheavals which compels them to look into their social life. The crisis of society make them question all those things which they took for granted. At this point, the ideas which seemed irrelevant becomes strikingly relevant. So, those who wish to understand life must occupy them with a thought at a higher level than the immediate thought of everyday life, that is, they must have a coherent philosophical standpoint. Only by this means we are able to take control of our destinies.
It is commonly understood that everything worth while in life requires an effort. In the same way, the study of philosophy, by its very nature, involves certain difficulties, as it deals with the issues far removed from the ordinary experiences. Even the terminology used in the study presents difficulties because the words are used in a way that does not necessarily equate to the common usage. But the same is true for any specialized subject, from psychology to mathematics.
In spite of this, philosophy no longer occupies the place it had long before, since the role of speculation about the nature of the world and the universe and life has long since been occupied by the modern sciences. The possession of mighty radio telescopes and spacecraft which renders guesses about the nature of our solar system unnecessary. Even the enigma of the human souls are being constantly laid bare by the progress of neurobiology and psychology.
In past, the development of science, had not reached a sufficiently high level to permit people to understand the world in which they lived. Therefore, in the absence of scientific knowledge, they relied upon the one instrument they possessed that could assist them to make sense of the world around, and thus gain power over it—the human mind.

“Silent Sacrifice feast” Eid ul Adha 2016 in Quetta, “Our graves are still wet, we just had our sacrifice”. Spokes man “Kasi Tribe”

It was 8th August 2016 when Balochistan bar association advocate Bilal Anwar Kasi got killed by unknown bikers on his way, the entire group of lawyers of Quetta gathered for protest at civil hospital where advocate Bilal Anwar Kasi were placed for last medication and stitches but the hard hearted people who have involvement in Pakistan’s policy they attacked once again and 70+ lawyers got killed in the blast that was exploited in civil hospital out side the causality word.
The politicians and people expressed their condolence for the act and TTP tehreek-i-taliban, jamaat ul ahrar (JUA) claimed for the responsibility of attacks on both ( advocate Bilal anwar Kasi and for blast)
That all was the news outside the home of myrtles but what about the situation inside the myrtles home? its sacrifice feast 2016 Tomorrow and every one is busy to have there own family arrangements for sacrifice feast wishes, but to whom the child of myrtle consult for wishes. There was almost 8+ layers were belongs to “Kasi tribe (pashtoons)”. Most of them were youngsters and struggling for the good future of families, having little children’s ages from 1-10, how they survive and how they manage the circumstances without family head, there is no one to help them there is no one to arrange happiness of sacrifice feast 2016 for the children.
The tragedy did not only affects the lawyers families but is also affects the surroundings of beloved ones, the “Kasi Tribe” is not willing to celebrate the sacrifice feast wishes because they sacrifices their loved ones on 8th August and now they have nothing to sacrifice on Eid day, yes we Pashtuns have sacrificed our precious ones to Allah, to this country and now we all have nothing to sacrifice.
The children’s of myrtles are still waiting for their fathers to reach home with sacrificing animal along with their sacrifice feast wishes, waiting for father to reach home with new clothes and with new sandals, waiting for father to reach home so they can make plans for their sacrifice feast holiday, a 3 years child will never get satisfaction on simple words that his father is no more to celebrate such a special day of sacrifice feast with them.
A baby girl of 6 months of myrtle only knows the love and affection of father she does not have any concern with new frock and with new sandals, how she will celebrate the day without love and affection of her father, a mother is waiting for his son to have brief planning for the 3 days of sacrifice feast, a planning of budget, she is waiting for a dress, she is waiting, waiting for happiness to reach home with his son, the tears in her eyes are waiting to be clean off with hands of her son, will we ever able to get back her son to her home, will we ever take place of her child, will we ever take care of her family as her son did?
We can’t, we will never be able to attain such respect and honor because we all are happy with family and friends, we have our new dresses, we have our sacrificing animals, we have father who is looking after for our each desire on this eid but did we try to make arrangements for those who have lost their loved ones in the honor of our country? the myrtles of pakistan, the myrtles of balochistan, the sons of brave mothers, the fathers of honorable children’s, how much precious this soil is that contained blood of such a daring tribe,
We know we are daring, because we are Pashtuns but it’s not easy to accept this reality that we have lost our beloved ones, we can’t be happy so soon

“How to Learn Something and Memorizing It For Ever In Easy Way”

Learning something is not difficult, but forgetting it is very painful, there are some technical tricks from which you can learn easily anything while memorizing it forever. For that you should know,

What is memory?

Types of memory.

How our brain works?

Why we forget anything which we have learned? (Retrieving process)

How we can save anything permanently for a long period of time in our mind? (Saving process)

These all questions arise in our mind but we don’t get any answer.

So, there are answers of your questions.


Memory is the most essential part in human mind. Memory can store, retain and recall information picked by our senses. Human memory that works a storage device for information is just like a computer’s information storage device “hard disk” meant to store its logical computing commands with different types of data in it. The major difference between computer hard disk and human’s memory is that computer got only 2 stages of memorizing (Permanently deleting) or (Permanently saving), which are completely opposite respective to human memory types, the “Sensory Memory”, “Short-term Memory” and “Long-term memory”. This lowers the human brain memorizing ability as compare to computer’s ones, because of the process which got a drawback of saving the data with multi-dimensional possibilities in which a human brain can save complete data as it was or due to some reasons most of the time it deletes some part from it, simultaneously the positive point of human memory is that it can’t permanently format all of the saved data till it’s alive. Both computer and human memory involves three processes “Encoding”, “Actual memory”, and “Retrieval”.


This process of memorizing the data holds its duty to transform the data into the type of data that a particular hard drive uses, for instance a computer drive saves data in bit or bytes form on the other hand human brain is only able to read or save data in form of neural codes.

Actual memory

The physical space where the encoded data will be kept to be used in any future time, “Hard disk” act as an actual memory place for computer and “Brain” works as physical place to store neural codes for humans.


Retrieving the data at any future time is the actual purpose for which we encode the information while keeping it at a defined physical space. This is the stage when the saved information is needed for any defined use for which it was kept at a certain assigned place.

Types of memory

Our brain have unlimited space to save anything but we don’t know how to use it for our benefits. There are three main parts in our 14269485_1392516670761845_777234739_nbrain.






The information gathered from all our senses, the shortest memory that will disappear within seconds. Whatever we see, hear, touch or smell is all apart of our sensory memory, the capacity of sensory memory is unlimited but it just remains there in our brain just for few seconds. The information that is necessary is transferred to the Short-term Memory and the rest is flushed out.



In this type of memory the data gained from sensory memory can kept save only for 7 minutes along with the limitations in its capacity of only 5-9 items. If information is revised with need of interest in it till 7 minutes, can be further transferred to long term memory with neural codes properly coded with an assigned space defined for them by STM, if not it just release the neural codes in a way that its not possible to retrieve them in proper means.



If we want to save anything for ever, that can easily obtain again at any future time. Whatever we have read, seen, touched, smelled or listened by our senses, among them all necessary information not more then 5-9 items repeated for at least 7 minutes will then become a part of our long term memory. Long-term memory can contain unlimited information up-to unlimited time, depends on the quality of neural codes assigned for the particular data.


How our brain works with different types of memory boxes

There is unlimited space in our brain on which we can save unlimited things in that. Now it depends on us that how much brain we are using in good thing and how much we use in bad activities?

There are cubes in our brain, whatever we are doing that is filled in our that space if we don’t use our brain in creativity so that whatever we are watching or listing is filled in that cubes automatically, because it simply won’t remains empty for the long period of time.

So, you must spend your time invaluable things.

Why we forget

Retrieving process

If an information that is saved in long-term memory, with the exact rule of transferring information from STM to LTM still some times we are not able to retrieve that information at any point in time, why is it so?

The answer is very simple, data is not encoded in neural form properly at the first time in correct space. There must be any distortion that disturbed the encoded process at the time it was having place, or it might occur from any overwritten neural codes on previous neural codes that results in old perspectives or information transformed in new information.

Some techniques to remember things for ever.

○Whatever you are reading or listing you should do elaborative interrogation on that, it will be very helpful to you to memories anything.

○When you elaborate information you must be able to explain it to yourself. When you are able to explain it, meanwhile you are concentrating on that thing.

○With high concentration you must summaries that. You must spend extra time on that topic so that it can acquire strong neural codes.

○After summarization you must highlight important points and make a keyword mnemonic of it, so that it will help you retrieve it any time with help of these highlights and keywords.

○Now 8 minutes are passed and things are gone in long-term memory, now you should reread it with some more deep interaction with it, it will help you with creating more visible neural code’s address, to retrieve it in moments without taking much time.

○You must take some practice tests of yourself, it will make you correct the wrongly coded information with the right one.

Conclusion could be made as, to memorize any thing worthy specially when you are preparing for any worth going exam, one must knows the process of memorizing.

Stay blessed!

Contributor writer


Zamzama Kauser


A women with a golden heart

14247774_1391767970836715_1123493692_oMother Teresa, (26-8-1910 – 5-9-1997), was a Roman Catholic nun and missionary. Her birth name was Agnes Gonxha Bojjaxhiu. She was born in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia . She only lived in Macedonia for eighteen years, and then moved to Ireland and hardly spending six weeks she left for India, where she lived until her death. She has founded the Missionaries of Charity, currently consisting of over 4,500 sisters and active in 133 countries. She received 124 honors including the Ramon Magsaysay Peace Prize in 1962 and Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. On 6 September 2016, she was recognized by the catholic church as saint. She became internationally known for her charitable work for the victims of disease, poverty, exploitation, neglect, illness and adversity.

When she was only nine years old her father died and her mother had to look after the family single handedly. Her mother was a simple housewife however, her father was a merchant. The financial condition of her family went down after her father’s death because of the involvement in politics. Her mother had to support her three children and herself. She was a religious lady and always found time for prayers and visiting the church, which had a lasting impact on Teresa. Teresa joined Loreto sisters from Dublin where she got the name of Mother Teresa after the name of St. Teresa of Lisieuse. She grew up in the Roman Catholic Church and decided to devote her life to God. She went to Kolkata when she was just eighteen years old and continued her life’s mission of caring poor people. She enjoyed fifteen years of her life in teaching the geography and History and after that started teaching in the Saint Mary’s School for girls. She worked hard to teach the poorest people in that area.

Mother Teresa was an incredible woman. She was the person who shown this world a real religion of humanity. She continued the work until her death in 1997. She was a women commended for her unselfishness, courage, charity, her hard work and a natural talent for organisation. Her hard work has been recognized and acclaimed throughout the world. She belongs to the whole world, not to Roman Catholics only. However, at that time some sources have stated that number of people in society were hostile and critical of her work, while some sources state that others were inspired by her work and wished to join Mother Teresa in her quest for love and peace.

Mother Teresa had many influences in her life that motivated her actions, one of them was God. She had been quoted as saying “By faith, I am a Catholic. As to my calling, I belong to the world. As to my heart, I belong entirely to the heart of Jesus.” Her missionary work had helped countless people in different countries and still continue to do so. Her acts of kindness is an inspiration for every individual living in this world.

Mr. Neighbor (India) stop continuously poking your nose in CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor), 6th September Pakistan Defence day is here again

6th September Pakistan Defence day

National holiday of Pakistan known as youm-e-difa, 6th September Pakistan Defence day is here again. Youm-e-difa celebrated to solemnize the successful defense of Pakistan against India in 1965 war on 6th September Pakistan Defence day. On 6th September Pakistan Defence day, Pakistan celebrates this memorable day with Parade, Aircraft, Military exhibitions, Speeches, Military programs and with flag hoisting.

History of 6th September Pakistan Defence day

The war begins with the partition of India and Pakistan. Perpetually, the conflict relates to Kashmir and the war known as second Kashmir war. The first Kashmir war was in 1947 on dispute of Kashmir between India and Pakistan. The Indian army was launched across border in Pakistan with no deceleration of war on 6th September Pakistan Defence day. They entered in Pakistan by violating all the laws of UN charter. When they face a loss of respect by Pak-army they decide to pursue a back off strategy to their barracks.

Furthermore after one day on 8th September they again entered to Sialkot region of Pakistan. UN declared war started by Indian forces, but again Pakistan’s armed forces defence was outstanding. They fought for their mother land with good tactics and strategies the Indian army entered to 400 square miles but Pakistan entered 1600 square miles in a same time.

USSR peace agreement Tashkent

Alaas!what a bravery attempt was that to fight with enemies on 6th September Pakistan Defence day. The war ended with signing the USSR peace agreement at Tashkent. After signing the USSR agreement for 6th September Pakistan Defence day story is still continuous. Indian forces are still working against Pakistan ghostly. Now coming on another aspect of 6th September Pakistan Defence day, it must be raised. 34 years back Pakistan fought bravely with India but now they are still poking their nose in Pakistan matters. Let me raise a question will you allow any outsider to interfere in your domestic problems? Will India allow anyone to solve their territory issues?. NO India will not allow anyone so why are you tolerating mischievous act of neighbor country.

UN rules clearly known worldwide

The India has forgotten the UN rules clearly known worldwide but let me remind you Mr. Neighbor the highlighted points of agreements; they are

1:- chapter 1 of UN is promoting international peace and humanity.

2:- chapter Xll elaborates the international law boundaries to punish accurately the culprits.

3:- Security Council is made to control and interrogate disputes that also authorize to economic development, military force to resolve the disputes. 4:- the UN charter has established the court of justice to keep up the environmental peace there will be no acceptance of any violation and those who tried to violate would have to pay high penalties. Following are the rules of UN charter.

United Nation charter

The United Nation charter divided the Kashmir in 2 half boundaries the Indian territory makbuza Kashmir and the Pakistan’s territory Jammu and Azaad Kashmir both countries has signed the Karachi agreement that not to get involved in others sovereignty but our beloved neighbor not getting it in their small mind that does that mean and continuously India is being getting involved in terrorist attack against Pakistan.

Mr. Neighbor (India) stop continuously poking your nose in CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor)

There are many records off data against India, (NKW) Non Kinetic War that is the media war against Pakistan, the RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) that has accepted the territory attacks in Pakistan, India is continuously poking his nose in CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) to spoil the trade and economic functions of Pakistan and there are several other records of territory attacks of India in Pakistan that is enough to prove you culprit. Please Mr. neighbor stay out of our territory issues and let me remind another thing that there is another Youm-e-Difa and Pakistan army is enough strong to beat you again and our single war will be enough to take revenge of all the activities you did in Pakistan in future you will be giving us another chance to celebrate 6th September with a pride.

Contributor writer


Sadaf pervaiz

Religion and Society: A Critical Perspective

Religion and society

Two dimensional thoughts within religion and society

We know that “Change is the only constant” and life is a process of endless progress. We human beings cannot resist it. When life goes through a process of change it also changes the observations, behaviors, opinions and human needs. With the passage of time society achieve new heights. It reaches a point where religion no more justifies its needs which creates a gap between religion and society. Therefore, two dimensional thoughts and movements occur within religion, “The Modernists” and “The Revivalists” defining Religion and society.

Why we need Philosophy?


The Modernists believe that religion should accept change combining religion and society moving parallel with modern science and technology. When traditional explanation is invalid and religion is feared to disappear in the changing environment, a new understanding is done. The teachings of religion are seen in a new measurement to survive in a changing world. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was a Modernist thinker; Aligarh movement was a Modernist movement on viewpoint of religion and society.

Fundamentalists or Revivalists

Fundamentalists believe that society should go back to its roots and follow the religion in its pure form. They believe that all the solutions of the problems lie in belief. Any change in the nature of religion is considered sinful and new explanations are believed to be against the religion. This thought doesn’t accept the change and with the passage of time they go into separation because of changing environment. Gap between the mainstream society and the revivalists separated religion from society. Historically Deobandi movement was a Revivalist movement which rejected the change and stuck to its roots. Still it is one of the major sects in Islam with millions of followers across the world.

Societal effects

Today, especially the Islamic fundamentalist movements have become stronger than ever. Consequently these movements occur due to two reasons, firstly, the unfriendly attitude of West towards the Muslim world. With such environment there is a sense of insecurity and people take shelter in religion for their defense. Secondly, the bad governance of non spiritual governments in Muslim world was the cause. They were unable to provide assistance to their people. Hence shifted the focus of population towards the Fundamentalist ideas where they try to find the solutions to their problems.

Furthermore, in an ideological State, the ruling class of a country uses religion for their political interests. Indeed they purchase it for the protection of their rules. On the other hand, the people, after not finding the therapy of their dispossession take shelter in religion. Religion simply gives them the power of toleration. Forget your hardships in the world and wait for the reward in afterlife. Religion and society is separated here. In a result, the religion is used in both cases but the solution to the problem is still missing.

Contributor Writer


Ameer Ayaz

Rules for how to clear competitive exams CSS, PCS – Practices by top-of-list successful people

How to clear competitive exams CSS, PCS – Practices by top-of-list successful people

Rule of success, general perspective on – How to clear competitive exams CSS, PCS

You are in a ”do or die” position and strongly refusing to resign your deeds. Yes!!! This is exactly the spirit you need in the pursuit of providing yourself a clear answer. How to clear competitive exams CSS, PCS, a “warrior-like spirit “. So, competitive exams are all about passion, craze and an unwavering-will to achieve your goal. Keep track of top-of-list successful people. Subsequently this is the very first ‘rule of success’ in knowing How to clear competitive exams CSS, PCS.

Weapons to carry – How to clear competitive exams CSS, PCS

Remember in this war of How to clear competitive exams CSS, PCS, you are going to fight with two weapons. First is your pen (your legible handwriting & your writing speed really matter) and second is your fluent English as this is the only language thru which you’ll deliver your message. So better sharpen them beforehand, fighting with blunt ones will leads you for How to clear competitive exams CSS, PCS.  Continue reading “Rules for how to clear competitive exams CSS, PCS – Practices by top-of-list successful people”

Feminism: Women From Past into the Future

What is Feminism?

Feminism illustrates, group of activities by individuals or group of peoples in effect of women facing social discreminites. Consequently, such activities develops political and economical campaigns to provide justice to the female in effect of social injustice.

What is Modern feminism

Modern feminism, is the rebuild form of feminism that was practiced in past before 19th century. Secondly, theorists categorized Modern feminism in three ” waves”. Defining modern feminism illustrates three “waves” of feminism. Consequently, three “waves” of feminism are “The first wave of feminism”, “The second wave of feminism” and “The third wave of feminism.

How western women rebelled?

modern feminism



Historically, the society has gone through many stages of development in which the position of women went up and down. It is a fact that oppression frustrate the masses which leads to rebellion. same is the case with the western women who rebelled against the oppressive patriarchal structure and occupied the streets starting the feminist movement.

Feminists from past

Feminism: In past decades there have been huge changes for women in almost every field. Today’s women are far more independent than their predecessors. They are doing jobs that used to be done by men which their grandmothers and even mothers never dreamed of. Women making half of world’s population are playing a huge role in economic growth, according to a report, in 2011, women made half of the workforce in US and there are high profile women executives. However, more women are working but they are still paid less than men, solely due to the patriarchal structure of the society.

Modern feminism

The modern feminism history is divided into three “waves”. The first wave of feminism started in 19th century and went into early 20th century. Not to mention that, it’s focus was on legal inequalities. The second wave of feminism (1920-1980) brought cultural inequalities, gender norms and women’s role in society. Third wave of feminism (1990s-2000s) was the continuation of the second wave and a response to its failures.

In fact, The world is changing very rapidly but it is still far from achieving gender equality along with . In this Patriarchal society working women had to face many difficulties on daily basis. Although, the misery of woman is a fact, the modern feminism is changing the trends and breaking the age old traditional bondage. This new trend is helping society in different ways. The women are becoming socially, politically and economically independent and are contributing in the economic growth of the countries.

In addition to this, not mentioning the contemporary powerful and influential women would be unfair. Some are running huge corporations, organizations, and few, the entire countries. Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor got several awards including Charlemagne prize and Presidential Medal of Freedom . Prime Minister of United Kingdom,Theresa May has joined the office in very critical time the country faces after the Brexit. Hillary Clinton was known as best feminist presidential candidate for United states of america.

Feminism today

Seeing that, Feminists are gaining more confidence and are engaging themselves in affairs of the world and it has led to an increased sense of self-esteem. Modern feminism activists are aware of their values and roles they can play in male-dominant society for achieving success. The path is not the easy but slowly and gradually women are moving towards freedom in context of women empowerment.

3 Step to win a woman’s heart

 ”What today’s women want”

We have entered the enlightened era of human history, where the masses became well aware and well informed of the realities. The shell of suffocated traditional mindset has been unshelled and human managed to get out of their marginalized conditions, prospects evolved into more rational ones, information’s are at our disposal 24hrs and world transformed into a world where each person takes 100 percent responsibility of his/her own either success or failure. But this journey of enlightenment took several decades to prevail the world. It was not an overnight miracle. Now minds are filled with wisdom. Eyes widened and with a brilliant bright vision can look inside the matter so easily.

Feminist evolution

The world’s transformation into perfection is still on the way. With the change of time and world the status of woman also evolved. It was too chaotic in the beginning when her eyes were opening gradually to the realities and by knowing each right of her which was kept secret from her, she turned into a rebel that intensely shook the roots of traditions and caused a deep stir in a family system. But time passes. Today’s woman unlike the woman few decades back is quite stabilized in her reactions and actions. She proved herself in all fields of life. She can become a good leader, sentient politician, cautious manager, influential mentor, great artist and insightful writer.

Guideline for men to develop a successful relation

Are you in seek of tips to maintain healthy life time relations with a female?

Do you want to know the techniques to save your marriage?

When it comes to build a successful relationship with today’s women or to form a lifelong happy family, men often fails to do so. In fact this is an art to get along with a woman whether it is in form of mother, sister, daughter or wife. You can be successful in each relation with a woman if you follow few effective rules that are mentioned below;

Endorse her opinions

Always show great respect towards womankind, to her opinion and wishes, nothing has that much electrifying sharp impact on her feelings as respect can do. Overwhelmed with the sense of being special she can become a shield maiden to defend you in return. And she can never do anything against your wishes of her own accord. So the formula ‘give respect and get respect’ perfectly applies here. Respect, per se, encapsulates all other sentiments such as love, care, compassion etc.

Don’t make her feel, that you are undergoing through any sort of issue, whether if it’s the worst one

One thing is for sure that woman is more after the man of prestige and integrity than a wealthy one. How close and intimate relationship a man develops with a woman or whether he is a part of a close-knitted family he must not lose his integrity and exerts to keep intact his prestige. Asking for any sort of support such as economic or social, shows that you are a weak person and that is the element which badly lowers your image in her eyes-she might not speak out about it but she will definitely feel it and the seed of suspect gets planted in her heart. On the contrary if she got even the slightest idea that you are undergoing any sort of issue that you haven’t revealed to her, she would move heaven and earth to take you out of that situation. Therefore, be a giver not taker for this is the profitable transaction.

Be a “Mentor”, “Friend” and “Sideline colleague” to her, so that she can feel free to express everything

Empathy and understanding the moods of woman is another heart winning attempt on the part of man. It takes from you nothing if you randomly ask her if everything is alright or if there is anything she wants to share. Listen to her carefully, pay heed to all of her activities, make her feel being very special by giving her liberty to openly express her emotions, opinions and aggression. If she is doing any job try to help her out in critical matters, suggest her the best ways of coping with situations, she really needs your guidance in many cases but she might not express it.

Try out these tips if you want to live a happy and peaceful life.

Contributor writer


Najeeba Khan


Worst Time, the Turning Point – Tip for new bloggers

Worst Time

Worst time is something never expected. Someone asked me to write about my worst time, where my worst time turned to be game changer for me. “Worst time” it defer in its extent for numerous people, to be a most annoying psychological factor in several conditions. To me, event resulting job fire, $100 a month was not that fascinating income to me. It was the only income source. Indeed, it was only source provided I ground to practice my innovativeness being a teacher.

My Worst Time of life

Dedicating my positive potential in, through various self-defined creative techniques to polish out the intellect among my students was the only esteemed thing, sticker me to teach in exchange of $100 investing 132 hours. It was not a job for some monetary desire, instead a satisfaction fulfilling my love to innovation. Furthermore the sudden decision of my fire by management committee was the most annoying thing. Besides, in my professional career, it was the biggest worst time. To me that was my ‘worst time’, I was like “it’s the end of my professional career”. In all honesty, i thought “I can’t continue it any more”. In fact all those dedications ended up with long sleepy days.


Worst time as a Turning point

Whatever happens, I consider it my first step to the success. Consequently, facing anxiety forced me to the next bank of river. Hence, it was the breakeven of my “worst time”. My passion towards innovation was now continued in a more meaningful way. My come back in the ring, fighting for more self-esteem was now controlled by blog writing. Indeed it utilized my innovative teaching methods and skills in a greater context. Thus, it was providing me a bigger platform with steadily increasing numbers of readers and beneficiaries.

Got a breakthrough after my worst time of life

That day with strong neural codes in my memory is the only non-forgettable day for me that introduced me with blogging world resulted in time wasting non casual web searches which I carried out in search of a new job, and finally I ended up with the decision of going to be a permanent writer. After going through that accidental targeted blog written by a Pakistani female blogger on motivational aspects of writing, my potential towards the profession just touched its peak and on the same day I slept after writing my first blog on a self-experimented innovation of a traditional recipe which I used to cook on every weekend.

1st mile stone after my worst time of life

I use to smile, whenever I think of my worst time. Yes I use to smile for that moment which used to be my worst time of life. Subsequently, that was my breakthrough for next level. Consequently, I was benefited in several terms. Respectively, i increased my intellect to a much newer stage after my worst time. Just right after six months since I started blogging unexpectedly my income through writing for different hubpages reached its 1st mile stone of six digit income in Pakistani rupee, as it is considered to be a huge success in blogging by amateurs to reach a six digit income I never followed this dream portray of having some serious “dead presidents”.

Your worst time can be the game changer.

My basic thrust

Doing a job or following a profession for monetary terms was never on my priority list. Indeed, my basic thrust was my passion for creativity and access to new knowledge.

Tip for new bloggers

1.     Don’t expect to write for monetary benefits

New bloggers mostly take blogging as an income source and that is why after not having required hits they use to quit. This is the biggest failure cause for newbies. They need to revise the rule that to earn sum big figure through blogging patience will be the first characteristic to gain assumed outcomes. To gain hits on a blog for generating revenue, one must first grow its audience.

2.    Growing audience through a technical tool-SEO

Eventually, organic traffic from search results is free. Sure, you’ve got to pay associate SEO specialist (or agency) to optimize your web site and a author like ME to supply you with content, however these prices area unit up-front. an excellent piece of content will drive search results over long periods of your time. Crazy tips

3.    Selecting a topic your reader searches for in Google

Your selection of topic must depends on preferences your user got, and for having deep insights regarding your users favorites Google provides bloggers and business sites owners with some analytical tools so that they can easily track their users privileges, and then plan their content according to what a potential readers seeks for.

4.    Following different famous blogs

Tracking your industry or area field’s scope, known as best practice prescribed by leading marketer. As per they if you don’t have proper knowledge about the industry you are competing inn, you better stay home instead of wasting your time running before the kite totally invisible to you. Same is for blogger as they also belong to a unique type of industry they are working in, and to know properly about what’s going on out there they must frequently visit “if not all” than some of the related blog communities or posts they are competing with. The best part of this is that it makes your content more unique.

5.    Going through blog’s comments having related keywords

The most common formula used by top rated blog writers to generate creative content is that they go through the comments section of blogs having same keywords as theirs, this contributes in making their content more user’s preferences friendly by looking in that what actually they require from writer to be addressed in future.

This hidden technique that most of new blog writer don’t know could be a turning point of their blogging carrier. Although it’s not such a hidden concept to build reader’s rich content.

“It’s a capital market man”.

“Nothing is for free here”.

“No free lunches”.

Subsequently it’s only about,


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